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Third-Party Manufacturing

We Make Peanut Bars, Nutri Bars, Energy Bars, Protein Bars, and Millet Mix in your own Brand.

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White Labeling

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Private Labeling

Your Product, Your Brand.

&After the uncertain times of Covid-19 have made everyone become more health-conscious and look for healthy food products to include in their daily routine. The products we are manufacturing and marketing at Solray Nutras have got immense health benefits. The rapidly increasing demand for Nutrition bars, Millets Mix, and Peanut bars, is also creating new business opportunities.

 If you are already in business and want to add any new product to your existing business or looking to start a new business, our wide range of Peanut Bars, Nutrition Bars, and Millet Mix products are the perfect fit to have in your products portfolio. Below are the ways to become a partner with us.

 White Labeling

With White Labeling, we can provide you with our wide range of FSSAI-approved products that are already in daily production with our own formulas. You may resell the product under your own name and branding.  currently offered product.  This process is less time-consuming and hassle-free. You can launch your own brand bars. The process will be take as per the agreed terms & depending on the approvals of samples.

 This model is suitable for new start-ups, you can start with less investment and grow your business faster.

Private Labeling

With Private Labeling, the products are exclusively created for a particular brand to sell by a single reseller. We will customize the formulations of products as per the requirement of clients. The product will be unique. We will handle the complete process starting from the formulas as required for approvals from the regulators, name, logo, and packing. The process will be take as per the agreed terms & depending on the approvals of samples. We will work with clients on their comfort, to get an attractive product.

If you have any questions, please click here to check our FAQs and contact us.



Before starting the process of third-party or contract manufacturing, we have to finalize the order quantity and composition of the product. While concluding the order quantity, we must keep minimum order quantities for the composition.  While finalizing we have to check if the manufacturer approves that composition.


After finalizing composition and order quantities for contract manufacturing. We will raise a quotation which will include all the costs that you will incur. A quotation includes cost of product, packaging material, and securities if any in case of smaller batches. It also includes any other charges you would have to pay for the contract manufacturing process.


To get a product made you need several documents. Some basic documents include a Business license and GST number. In some cases, you will also require a registration document of your firm or company. A food Licence is issued by your local Food and Food authorities. Food Licence is of 2 types, one for retail and the other for wholesale. GST number is issued by the Government of India and is required for Third party manufacturing. In some cases, some other documents like NON RESEMBLANCE CERTIFICATE are needed.


Packing material for any product is a major part in Third Party Manufacturing. The client has to give us the required design and order for the minimum quantity of the packing material to be printed.


Once we finalize the above formalities we will make the prototype production and give the sample. Once it is approved we will run regular production and give you the delivery within the stipulated period as agreed upon.