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Product Formulations

Solray Nutras has the best in-house research and development team of scientists with the latest types of equipment and facilities. We have developed a wide range of health products over the years by adopting ever-updating technology and according to products in demand. 

Our innovative and client-focused approach makes us your partner with understanding national and international standards and regulations right from the formulation of product to production and delivery.    

Customized Formulations: 

Every client comes with a different requirement for their product’s third-party manufacturing. So we provide the option of the customized formulation according to their product requirement.    

Ready Formulations: 

Some clients come with a demand to roll out their products to consumers quickly and within a very short period of time. To serve their concept into the product in a faster manner we have a wide range of ready formulations of health products that gives them the option to choose from and start the production of the products in a quick time.