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Ingredients & Nutritional Information – 50Gm Bar


  • Oats – Flax Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds – Sunflower Seeds
  • Sesame – Almond
  • Dry Grapes – Jaggery
  • Dates –  Groundnuts
  • Jaggery


  • Total Calories 212
  • Total Fat – 9.8 gm
  • Saturated Fat – 1.5 gm
  • Total Carbohydrate – 23.4 gm
  • Cholesterol – 9 mg
  • Sodium – 16 mg
  • Protein – 10.3 gm

Healthy and delicious snack 

High in Fibre

Help pre and post-workout/Excercise

Good For Muscle Growth & Enhancing

Rich source of nutrients

Helps Weight Loss

Effective Meal Replacement

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificialfical Flavours

Only Natural Sugars

Only natural Preservaties

Before Workout/Excercise

After Workout/Excercise

In-between Meals

In the Evening

Nutribar Manufacturers in India


Nutri bar is crunchy, fruity, and delicious that is perfect for your everyday breakfast. Stacked with protein, antioxidants, omega-3, and fiber, it’s much more than just a bar – it’s healthy nutritious, and all-natural. No preservatives. No artificial ingredients, Features. Nutri bar is perfect for your healthy breakfast energy for every moment, our energy bars are designed for every type of snack-time, dessert-time, or chocolate time. Instant energy booster.

We have one of the best manufacturing facilities for Nutribar in India. With regular innovative research and development, we promise our clients that, all your specific requirements for the protein bars will be fulfilled with ease.  If you are looking for the best Nutribar manufacturers in India please click here to partner with us for any bulk quantity order in your own brand.